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Goal Progress

Total Pledges: $23,492.00
Total Donations: $0.00 on GoFundMe

TOTAL RAISED: $23,492.00!

93.968% Raised Towards R.I.CAN's Goal!




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Thank You!!!

The final tally is in and we did another fantastic job this year!    Drum roll please……… we raised $24,277 dollars for R.I.CAN  (Rhode Island Center Assisting those in Need )!!! Wowza, we really out did ourselves this year.  Our tally for 2014 is 31% higher than our 2013 tally…way to go and it is all because you took initiative to sponsor someone, plunge, or volunteer to make this event happen!

Thank you community for coming together and stepping up to lend a hand.   The funds raised during this event will be used to service those in need by providing many needed items that include but are not limited to food, housing, heating, and prescription assistance.

This is a staggering achievement and all those that participated whether a plunger, spectator, and/or donor should be proud.    Our ability to come together as a community is a wonderful thing.  It just goes to show that when great people come together, great things happen. This event could not be this successful if it weren’t for each and every one of you and we beat last year’s goal!  How cool are we!

Special thanks to our sponsors who played a big part in funding this effort and enabling it to get off the ground.  As a community we are very thankful to have had Rob and Pam Lyons, proprietors of Ocean House Marina, come forward again for a second year in a row to be our gold sponsor.

Eight other community leaders joined us for this event. The Bakery, Pat’s Power Equipment, and 1st Alliance Lending joined us as silver sponsors with Matunuck Oyster Bar, UBS, EAST WEST Market, Charlestown Wine and Spirits, and Stasuinas Construction supporting this event as bronze sponsors.  An impressive set of leaders to be sure! 

A few more shouts outs that need special attention and are most deserving of heartfelt thanks are John and Tracey Sawyer, proprietors of The Bakery.  John and Tracey normally close on New Year’s Day for much needed R&R after a long season. This year they opened the doors of The Bakery and graciously offered complimentary pastry and coffee while allowing folks to make donations to R.I.CAN.   No easy task as they need to start the day with a 2 am wake up call to ready the treats!  Thank you both for giving of yourselves for this special cause.

Another group we would like to acknowledge is a group of ladies that call them selves the Hot Wires.  These fine ladies get together often and every year uses their collective talents to support a good cause.  This savvy group took it upon themselves to gather together a collection of CVS and Stop &Shop gift cards that they donated to R.I CAN to help support the assistance programs. Hey ladies, you are on fire! Thank you for thinking of R.I.CAN.  Your efforts will go far to assist numerous families in 2014.

Last, this year we were introduced a new member of the team, our friendly Polar Bear mascot.   This yet to be named bear (maybe a contest for 2015) started the day by greeting folks at The Bakery and later followed us to the beach, ultimately landing with the crowd at The Breachway Grill.  While at the Breachway, he (or maybe she?) was able to put a little more pep in his step as Art Smith and Patrick Cozzolino, the duo known as Boat Cake, entertained a lively crowd for 3.5 hours.  While they belted out one hit after another Craig Marr, proprietor of The Breach Way Grill, and his crackerjack team served over 35 complimentary pizza's that warmed us up and kept us going for the day.   The pizza was great and can be enjoyed for half price on Mondays at the Breachway!

Last, we would have never made this a reality without help from the community.  We were fortunate enough to have enlisted the assistance of many, many talented people that helped bring this event to you! That is what community is all about.

If you get the chance, personally thank these fine folks for lending their time, talent, and treasure to make this event a success.

Our Shout Out Corner

Website Creation and management:  Tom Storey

Photographs:  Ashley Pelletier

Dancing Polar Bear:  Sarah Pelletier

Traffic Detail:  King Berard & Tom Berard

LIVE Entertainment of BOATCAKE:  Art Smith & Patrick Cozzolino

Venue for Merriment   (Breachway Grill):  Craig Marr and Staff

Complimentary Coffee & Pastries (The Bakery):  John and Tracey Sawyer

Plunge Venue:  Town of Charlestown

Safety & Emergency support:  Charlestown Police & Rescue

Registration/Raffle/T-Shirt Sales:  Lori Grant & Tammy Grant

And to all the R.I.CAN Volunteers who assisted with managing the registration table, t-shirt sales, and raffle on New Year’s Day and give of themselves throughout the year.  Thank you for taking care of our community!

Sue St Lawrence     Deb Nigrilli     Barbara Berard     Margaret  Sheehan     Michelle Taylor     Ann Donovan

(If we inadvertently overlooked anyone, our apologies.  Please feel free to post your own shout out on any particular thing that you enjoyed during this event)

Until next year, stay safe and stay warm!

The RICAN cares about all people and their rights for shelter, basic needs, and justice. We take an active role as advocates for those less fortunate, facing disabilities or illness. Emergency services and case management is available to any family in crisis. Assessment referrals and onsite assistance is provided as needed. In America 1 in 6 people will go to sleep tonight not knowing where their next meal will come from. Our commitment to food distribution is demonstrated with our “client choice” food pantry program, providing weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly availability to those in need.

To learn more about Rhode Island Center Assisting those in Need visit